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For Business Babes & Dreamers ready to go from winging it, to owning a Transformational Brand that Magnetises Dream Clients.

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Let Me Guess...

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You’ve been trying to figure it all out on your own for a while now, yeah?

You’ve been completely winging it in business, trying to nail down a vision, get your offering out to the world, and hoping someone, ANYONE, will buy from you.

Your brand is non-existent.

You’ve been super whimsical with your branding, changing typefaces + templates each month, trying to stand out and get your content noticed…

Your brand is inconsistent.

Maybe you avoid posting content at all because you know your brand isn’t up to scratch + it certainly doesn’t represent you.

You have brand shame.

You’ve likely been throwing away countless hours worrying that your website isn’t professional enough, because it isn’t converting your ideal client..

Your website isn’t working.

Maybe you lack the budget to invest in professional branding that you’d actually feel proud of.

…or maybe you find it difficult to take action because you’re so overwhelmed with the mountain of things you have to do (especially if you’re a mum!).

You’re wasting precious time in your life + business!

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Your audience is judging your brand within 90 seconds of seeing it for the first time.

What are they seeing?

Are you damaging your brand image?


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The average business owner spends over 150 hours trying to DIY their website?!

No, babe. That’s too long!

But don’t worry, I’ve got you!

I'm about to shake up your world

Picture Yourself

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Saying adios to ‘on a whim’ design.

Stepping out with a clear, confident + authentic brand.

As a business with clarity, purpose, and direction.

With a detailed brand strategy bible to reference& expand upon for the future of your business.

Letting go of common design mistakes + hiccups.

Having the tools to market your business with ease.

As a business with a website that works for you.

With all that, and a supportive container of Business Babes to cheer you along.


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Show up with an iconic brand that builds your dream community + magnetises your ideal clients along the way?!

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A strategic branding + marketing education platform for business babes & dreamers.

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Strategically birth or rebirth your business & transform your brand in a way that is fun, effective & magnetising.

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Learn how to get to the core DNA of your business to unravel your very own, unique brand so that you can stop floundering, & transform your brand for a successful 2023 & beyond!
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hold up.. is that fear talking?

“I don’t have very many followers on social media”

You, my friend, are in the right place.

This is the perfect opportunity to build that business from the ground up.

This will be the ideal launching pad for the future of your brand!

“I already have a logo and a website, I don’t think this would help me”

Do you have a brand, or do you have a logo? There is a big difference.

Are you proud of the way your branding represents you? Do you have a sustainable stream of clients? Do you have a die-hard list of email subscribers?

If you said no to any of those, babe, I believe this course can help you!

“I can’t afford it”

Can you afford to have a brand that doesn’t convert?

How many times have you started a new year with big plans & it never happens…

This will help you kick goals.

This is an investment in your future.

(p.s It’s also a tax deduction & there is a payment plan!)

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you'll walk away with

  • A Solid Strategy for the foundation of your brand.
  • Your own Big Brand Bible outlining all of the essentials: Purpose, Values, Mission, Tagline, ICA & more.
  • Clear visual direction of your own, authentic brand: Colours, Fonts, Moodboard, Image style, etc.
  • Designer knowledge, Guidance + Creative Direction.
  • Your Website working to its full potential to start converting clients.
  • A strategic Marketing Plan & Prompts to diversify your reach online.
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’I’ve been chipping away at all your amazing advice on my website, it’s been so helpful! The most valuable $ I have spent in my biz this year!’



“Amy was such a dream to work with! This investment was a key element of my business being so successful in its first year!”



“[Amy] helped me immensely in getting clear on what I was doing and why. She goes above and beyond to ensure you understand what you need to do to succeed. ”



"Working with Amy was a seamless process, her knowledge and expertise evident throughout each stage. Amy exceeded all expectations with no detail missed."


What could BMB do for you?


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6 Modules of Content

1. The Core

Deep, + important work on purpose, intention and clarifying your why.

So that you can easily & confidently do the, strategy work for your brand.

2. Goals, Plans + Processes

Where you are now & prepping for the future of your business.

So you can be clear about your goals, dreams & processes, create a plan and make it happen!

3. Strategy & Brand Pillars

Using the Sun Mother Strategy Method to get to the core of your brand. Discover your values, ICA, pain points,key messaging, positioningetc.

Take the confusion out of the branding process with a clarifying brand strategy.

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4. Branding & Creative Direction

Bring your brand strategy
to life through guided
creative direction, designer
knowledge, user accessibility & cohesive styling. You will nail your: colours, type, & direction!

A fun and interactive way to build out the ideal styling for your brand identity!

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5. Web Strategy, Direction & SEO

Craft your strategic website
plan with a content breakdown
user journey, key functionality
SEO best practise, design &styling tips.

Finally, a clear guide on what to do, and what NOT to do when creating your website.

6. Marketing, Audience & Growth

Showing up & providing value, nurturing your audience, leading people to your website, getting started with email marketing & your growth.

Simple marketing & audience guidance that will support your business growth.


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1 x payment of


Lifetime Access

6 Modules Of Content

Go At Your Own Pace
[Perfect For Mums]

Intimate, Private Container 
of Biz Babes

6 x Live Group
Nurture Sessions

Actionable Templates & Workbooks

Guest Masterclasses

1:1 Strategy Session with Sun Mother Valued at $250


3 x payments of


Lifetime Access

6 Modules Of Content

Go At Your Own Pace
[Perfect For Mums]

Intimate, Private Container 
of Biz Babes

6 x Live Group
Nurture Sessions

Actionable Templates & Workbooks

Guest Masterclasses



Who is this course for?

Doulas, Coaches, Naturopaths, Wellness Providers, Birth Workers, Lactation Consultants, Photographers & other
Creative & Service Based Babes who…

Want to thrive in a purpose-led business that attracts your dream clients

Want to build or birth a brand & online space with clarity and confidence

Need a re-birth, refresh & refocus because you missed the groundwork

Are struggling with strategy + executing your brand vision

Are dealing with overwhelm & can’t see a pathway forward

Want support and guidance throughout this big scary birth/rebirth

Know you need to take a leap of faith for your business to grow

You are ready to do the work it takes to get there

You’d love a community of like-minded, supportive business babes cheering you on

This is NOT for you if…

You want a quick fix – a bandaid

You’re a ‘stay inside the box’ kinda person

You prefer to follow trends rather than embrace authenticity

You prefer staying in your comfort zone

You aren’t supportive of others in your field

You aren’t ready to take a leap in your business

You aren’t good at taking advice

You aren’t willing to invest time

Hi, I'm Amy!

Lead Designer + Owner of Sun Mother Studio. Creator & Educator of Birth My Business.

My purpose is to help women & mums to empower themselves in their business, and life, by supporting them through my own framework to transform their brand & start magnetising their dream clients.

I’m a creative-boned, coffee guzzler, Podcast host, food lover, and a Mum of two. I am obsessed with supporting babes to brand and launch their very own purpose-led businesses with style.

Join me & together we can transform your brand into one that radiates confidence & authenticity.

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Questions You May Have

A Welcome Video: will be sent to you in December.

We break for Holidays: You take some time devouring the epic resource recommendations + getting excited for the new year

We Regroup for an Epic 2023 Business Birth: on the 18th of Jan, 2023.

The course will go for 12 weeks, starting mid January, and one module will be released every fortnight until the end of March.

Founding Members (purchasing in 2022) will get lifetime access as long as BMB is running.

All group nurture sessions will be recorded and available for replay within 48hrs. These will be accessible during the length of the course (6 weeks).

BMB has two payment options available:

1. Pay In Full, and you gain a strategy session with Amy valued at $250.

2. A Payment-plan of 3 x monthly payments of $399.

If you need even longer to pay, shoot me an email about your situation and I’ll see what I can do for you.

P.s This course is the most value-for-money way to work with me!

This is entirely up to you, as BMB has been designed as a self paced course, for Mums who are already struggling with time management. As a founding member, you will be able to access this course as long as BMB is live, and the Live Group Nurture Sessions are fortnightly (with a replay available).

If you complete the course and do the work provided, you will gain: a deep understanding of the core elements of your business: your purpose, goals, dream clients, brand + website strategy, planning and creative direction for your branding + website, design fundamentals, marketing plan + tonnes of knowledge to take on your business journey for life.

This is a Business Brand + Marketing Course, so you won’t be learning how to design logos specifically. In the Creative Direction Module, I will guide you through some design fundamentals, teach you my creative direction process, and guide you through defining your look, style and feel through research, Moodboards + a brand bible template. 

You will be able to nail down your brand fonts, colours, and direction.

If you pay-in-full you get a 30min 1:1 strategy session with me! Everyone also gets to have group nurture sessions with me once a fortnight where we all dive in together and talk about the process of each module. 

If you join as an earlybabe, you will get an additional 30min 1:1 mentor session with me to ask any questions that have come up for you, and I’ll do my best to guide you during that time.

This first round of BMB is a founding members round. That means, you’ll be one of the first people to EVER join the course. I have worked 1:1 with clients for years and I know this stuff works!

Of course! If you do the course and still decide to hire a brand or website designer, then I would be honoured to support you. Feel free to email me anytime.

Absolutely. This course is a super detailed version of working 1:1 with me. It’s me, personally talking you through every single module of content from business conception and mindset work, through to strategically branding, birthing + marketing your business. I’ve been developing this course for months and I believe it is brimming with value to support anyone who is in a creative or service based business role.

Shoot me an email ( or drop me a DM on instagram!